Maintenance Requests

Click here to log into the Service Request System

Once you have logged into the system, you will be presented with two options:

  • Create Request
  • My Request

Completing a Service Request Form

  • After logging in, click the “Create Request” tab. Your building and suite are default values so you don’t have to enter anything there.
  • The dropdown “Type” lists all the categories of requests and the dropdown “Subtype” allows you to edit that category even further.
  • In the “Describe request” box you should put in as much information as possible about the request. For example, if you need a light bulb changed; be specific as to the location and also who the contact is for the request. Example: “Light bulb out in Joe’s NW corner office. See Nancy for details”.
  • You can always check on your requests by clicking on the “My Requests” tab.
  • Please note, some requests are assigned directly to the department and some requests come through our office for determination of assignment. If a request is assigned to an outside vendor like a locksmith, electrician or a carpenter there can be a longer wait time.